Daily topics Yi Xun name leaving the founder integration difficulty still operate independently

March 7, 2017

A5 webmaster network ( July 15th news, recently a fast and easy network founder and CEO Bu Guangqi has left, Yi Xun network still maintain independent operation of the news, once again let people on the fast and easy caused concern.

since March 10th, Tencent announced the investment Jingdong, the integration problem has been the focus of attention of its personnel adjustment has been much concern. Although the Jingdong is no layoffs or pay cuts, but there are still many employees choose to leave. Some media reports said that the fast and easy employees dissatisfied with the compensation plan of Jingdong and strike, N+1 compensation scheme has a lot of restrictions, there are a lot of people can not get.

and the flow of input from Tencent point of view, resources tend to Jingdong. "Before the fast and easy to attract brands is a Tencent to support the flow, dynamic exposure is hundreds of millions of real level, now the Jingdong took advantage of. Take WeChat, the future of Jingdong two entrance tentatively as’ WeChat – found ‘, and friends circle, games, etc.. And easy fast network is not so good treatment." At present, WeChat’s new discovery to create a road to pave the way for the Jingdong, in the initial stage of investment targets to Jingdong’s QQ online shopping and pat the main business. At the same time, due to the easy fast has been selected for the previous column transport goods, fast and easy business is only part of the reservation.

just recently issued a notice of easy fast revision, will be transformed into more specialized vertical business platform, play previously accumulated in the self-service advantage, focus on communication, home appliances, IT digital, automotive and other categories. 3C proprietary business is the core of the easy fast network, and Jingdong’s proprietary business in the business, goods, strategic overlap almost. Insiders believe that the fast and easy net only to retain an independent brand, and now still adhere to the original core business, the future may have Jingdong and mutual constraints, internal friction condition.

for Tencent, which also lost the burden of loss. Yi Xun and Jingdong was originally a competitor, but the loss is fast and easy to increase, loss of almost 1 billion in 3 years, Tencent has been bukui, pat and QQ online shopping will discredit the Tencent earnings." Yi Xun insiders told reporters.

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