Search the first round of the war Baidu lose when win, 360 small win when lose

March 7, 2017

tiger sniffing note: in the past more than half a month, I search circle. With the Ministry and other government departments involved in the "suspected" (and not the government clear, people see is Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said, this information) was just fighting war fighting may temporarily slow a slow effort, several parties have accumulated in the hands after the next stage, and is clear: This is a protracted war.

set aside "love" or "hate" which enterprises, set aside for "monopoly" or "rogue" accusations, the search and evolution to the present, several parties (mainly Baidu and Qihoo 360) in the end outcome of geometry, what to do, how is the effect? Please before tiger sniffing Sogou Web page of search results the person in charge of Guo Anglai as the first stage of the summary and comment.

The following is the full text of


360 search has been on the line for half a month, the two sides of the 360 and Baidu have experienced several times in the past half of the fight, I have come to this battle to do a small sum.

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in this war, because it is the loss of flow, so a strong counterattack against the 360 search, play quite aggressive, including the main tactics:

, through its community products (Wikipedia, know, library, Post Bar etc.) for defense, first of all from the 360 flow plus tips, recommend the use of Baidu search, since it is to jump directly to the home page.

to search through 360 comprehensive search on the upper right corner to switch to Baidu users, gives a hint to remind the user, "Baidu is set to the home page" or "Baidu added to the desktop".

– banned 360 comprehensive search MP3, calling Baidu maps and other services.

– in order to prevent the search results by capture, search results URL do two jumps.

– build security alliance, against 360 security attack.

– 360 is not publicly accused comply with the Robot agreement, grab Baidu know its own product page.

– 360 publicly accused of violations of user privacy, to grab the chain without dark net ".

– 360 will accuse the browser default search settings for their comprehensive search is a cheating behavior of the user.



full use of the building with its own moat products for defense, to constantly remind the user, the search engines such as Baidu, you should use Baidu’s own search. But in the public relations battle more moral attack, is not very full and flac. In addition, at the same time guard against 360 of the security attack.


As a result of the 360

in this war, through their own browser >

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