nnovation is the reason why internet piracy can not be eradicated

March 7, 2017

Tencent technology news (Yu Lin) Beijing time on August 6th news, according to foreign media reports, the fight against piracy on the Internet, like playing the world’s most popular Whac-A-Mole game. Hit one, and the countless came out again. And the speed is very fast, the player’s hammer is heavy and slow.

in the case of YouTube, the recording industry association of America have done their best to fight against piracy, but the site of pirated audio-visual BianZhaoFa will still appear.

YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, the film company and television stations can use free content recognition system (Content ID) on the site to upload video. When a film company has uploaded a film of property rights protection to YouTube, Google will automatically block other illegal copies.


Methods: YouTube

bypass copyright shielding video into the cat next to the TV (the Tencent technology plan)

in order to bypass this limitation, some YouTube users began to put the copyright of the video into a still photo. The picture is a cat staring at an old JVC TV set. It is difficult to judge whether a similar video violates the copyright protection law, it will only think that a cat is watching tv.

admittedly, this approach may lead to video viewer dissatisfaction, but you can bypass the shield. On the contrary, the video copyright owner may be angry with.

in addition, there are tens of millions of Internet users in the use of BitTorrent (BT) such as P2P file sharing services.

earlier this year, after months of arguing, governments in many countries have officially banned the BT download service of Bay Bay (Pirate). Pirate Bay may be the largest and most famous BT piracy site on the internet. Currently, users can not access this site.

in retaliation, Pirate Bay has been the site’s code package, and free download on the internet. Anyone who has to undo the package will be able to build a new BT seed sharing site similar to Pirate Bay on their servers. Sure enough, hundreds of thousands of new sites have emerged, piracy activities have not been completely banned.

as the saying goes, not wild fire, the spring breeze again. This sentence is used to describe the phenomenon of piracy on the Internet is no longer appropriate.

although the record industry believe they will become the ultimate winner, but the Pirate Bay and other sites can always aimed at the opportunity, rapid development, always quick step. In March of this year, a Pirate Bay partner in the name of "Spock (Mr. Spock)"

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