Mo Xiangzhao webmaster Tuiyou network directly from the value orientation, effect of three groups

March 7, 2017

at the end of 2010, adhering to the user experience first, to provide professional service station needs objective to guide the identity of the third party Tuiyou network was born. This is our webmaster Tuiyou network (http://s.ttuu.com/ ) the reason why talk about this website today specially hand can exercise the thinking way of thinking, on the other hand to share the Internet, good things to share, let us first to know long Tuiyou network station, the station network launched its website webmaster Tuiyou network, the aim is to solve the personal needs of the targeted recommend quality website. Not only to help webmasters more convenient to find resources to improve efficiency, but also for businesses to provide a more targeted promotion platform. The platform for the promotion of our webmaster, for our businesses, how much of our role in the Internet, today I will share the analysis from three aspects.

first: the location and value of the webmaster friends

1: webmaster Tuiyou network positioning with its excellent attitude in front of the webmaster friends, then Tuiyou for our webmaster friends is what, I analyze my Mo Xiang Mega idea today, the first Chinese Internet webmaster mostly belong to the grassroots, not much technical, there is no pure grassroots number of funds, we searched the Internet for a program source code, finally use or with the back door, in order to find someone to help us do a LOGO search, and all of the online LOGO, the Internet are all not creative, Sylvia, Tuiyou network launched webmaster can make up for the shortage in the us the webmaster is to help friends quicker search resources to improve efficiency, make their creative rapidly in the Internet effectively Strength help.

2 Value: Tuiyou network is webmaster has 10 years of experience working station senior management team, for just contact the Internet webmaster friends on the Internet, and is the webmaster friends with the most awesome experience of technical support, we will conduct security; Internet webmaster friends struggle life in the background so strong resources later, we will not pay how much can get the senior team has 10 years of Internet experience and help provide an effective guarantee for the hitherto unknown real webmaster friends website.

second: positioning and value for business friends

1: webmaster Tuiyou network location included the most outstanding businesses, with fair and business reputation evaluation system and quick search service, is based on this point, our business friends can play a new role in his company, you don’t have to worry about no one can not find you, you don’t have to worry about the webmaster friends and the community people do not know for your company’s service quality, service level, the integrity of the law and so on or not, the best selection of stationmaster Tuiyou network businesses, struggling to find a resolution to the webmaster friends, the other party officially because everyone want to do first, but one of the whole company, work actively. >.

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