nternet happiness index of the four largest forced industry

March 8, 2017

today, a lot of people in the pursuit of happiness, hope your happiness increased, so every day can live very happy! So, what is happiness? I think it is: [(happy) / (unhappy)] 100%, the bigger the denominator when you, you the happiness index is low; when your molecular more, your happiness index is higher.


why I say happiness index? Because if you are in the circle of life, or in my work in the circle, there are a lot of happiness index low occupation, the happiness index is low occupation are the following:

1, network promotion staff

these people do the same thing every day, senior promotion staff will sort out some information, and then use these platforms to share the information. As for the lower level of promotion staff, they basically copy and paste the hair every day the chain.

a few days later, these people will complain about the tedium of the work, will feel like doing this kind of work without a little future, but also feel the choice of such a wrong way. Then, they began to work for stop, stop looking for work, in the final, looking the same work, the result is really miserable. How do people get out of this mess? Then I’ll give you the answer!

2, website editor

in fact, editing is very sought after in the medical industry, a lot of medical, beauty, machinery and other hot industry, every day in the non-stop recruit editor, however, attracted many editors are basic editing.

what is the basis of the editor is based on the collection, collation, the release of the editorial staff, these staff basically no original ideas, let alone write the original article.

such a person is generally one thousand or two thousand dollars, the position of the space is not large, because these editors have been used to copy, and then the word does not change, up to the title to re release. Moreover, the amount of such articles included is very low, so that people look at the front is also a dark, such people how to get out of the dark, continue to see, then you will be able to share the answer!

3, SEO trainees

I said that the SEO staff, not those who have a few years of work experience, because people who have had the experience of work know what they learn. And who has experience of self-learning ability is very strong, also spent more time with an open mind to ask for advice, finally, they will step by step to success.

and for those who have just come out of the training institutions, one of the biggest weaknesses or shortcomings is what will. This drawback is really a fatal drawback for them, these people really do not have the industry’s white people like it!

some people will ask me: why do you say that? This question I can not hesitate to tell you, these trainees Qi is too high, "

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