PHPWind Ali and stable integration of genes or affect the health of Tencent

March 8, 2017

August 24th PHPwind news vice president Xiao Ruizhe today on the acquisition of a Tencent Kang Sheng accepted the BiaNews interview, Xiao Ruizhe said, Kang Sheng was the acquisition of Tencent, for the marketing plan and product development progress of the current PHPwind have no direct effect, Tencent have strong to C genes may influence to provide services for business the establishment of the Kang Sheng transformation.

Kang Sheng was no direct impact on the acquisition of


Kang Sheng was acquired by Tencent, PHPwind’s attitude and strategy to make the appropriate adjustments to become the focus of attention. Xiao Ruizhe said that competition is always there, which is the norm in the market, in addition to. Kang Sheng is the acquisition of Tencent, for the marketing plan and product development progress of the current PHPwind have no direct effect, as previously mentioned, PHPwind have a clear direction of development, and Alibaba have stable integration.

PHPwind and Kang Sheng in the forum of the birthplace of the Chinese Internet for many years, Xiao Ruizhe said that in 2008, the two sides are not the same as the direction of development.

2008, Kang Sheng launched UChome go SNS route, and PHPwind for local web site to do the corresponding changes from the product model, launched the "single core model" product model, first try to community integration. From the beginning of 09, to help small and medium-sized community media, portal. At the same time, based on the cooperation with Alibaba, PHPwind introduced the concept of e-commerce in the community, to help the majority of small and medium sites to improve e-commerce profitability, expect to be able to bring real value to the webmaster.

Tencent to C gene or affect Kang Sheng transformation

, the two companies may not be the same gene, Tencent has a strong to C gene, which may affect the provision of services for the commercial station transformation of Kang Sheng to C, which all wait and see." Xiao Ruizhe from the perspective of enterprise gene Tencent and Kang Sheng’s future cooperation.

Xiao Ruizhe said PHPwind and Alibaba are concerned about the same field. Alibaba has done 10 years of SME services, PHPwind is also focused on small and medium site services, are focused on the SME market, are to B, at this point there is a high degree of fit. Group and small and medium enterprises this long-standing dependence on the future to do more, which is the foundation of the future of pw.

Xiao Ruizhe said: "we are currently on the local community and industry community partners to introduce and improve the value of the media and the electronic commerce value direction established for a long time, PHPwind will be more fine and more professional."

on the impact of small and medium-sized Webmaster: business flow is very important

the majority of small and medium-sized Tencent to buy Kang Sheng reflect different. One is good, can be placed in small website search advertising alliance, QQ and open the forum "

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