Black from CCTV to Sohu black to talk about network security issues

March 8, 2017

today at 3 a.m., Sohu claims to be the country’s largest web site was hacked. 3:35 I entered the Sohu home page, there are the following:

figure February 4, 2009


Sohu is black, however, other pages are still normal display (in addition to the home page). About 5 minutes later, and can successfully enter the Sohu. (it is large, fast data recovery).

In December 2, 2008

CCTV was black (black wavelet CCTV log Id=94 don’t know what time he black Sohu log out.)


see this two picture, you will find two times of in different, is the first black CCTV is written by black Sohu is written two domain name address is that the two domain is a station. Attack CCTV and Sohu have wavelet. The hacker wavelet unknown, is now the fire special fire. Who is he? To what purpose?? two black station signs pointing to what?? different places you can see, second times more than a black wavelet Sohu and he is who?? and why is he with wavelet together against the Sohu? Why also left a domain name, is it a AD?


want to hack is from the national government get in by every opening, CCTV website and China largest portals are known as being black, wavelet is more and more stronger or weaker??


had to let people think, when the Internet can really safe?

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