Businesses play good WeChat public platform to do three points WeChat marketing, service, technical

March 8, 2017

original title: WeChat platform to play a good business to do three points: do a good job in WeChat marketing; 2 need to provide depth of WeChat services; the need for WeChat technical support[editor’s note]

IT Time such as WeChat strong social platform what is not suitable for the electricity supplier? Author Chen Jiping optimistic by WeChat to do good business to play O2O, WeChat marketing public platform only need to do three things: 1 WeChat public account marketing, promotion of WeChat public account itself can provide the services; 2 the users and the depth of communication of WeChat services; 3 WeChat technology to take highly repetitive work. And these points, to do a good job for WeChat marketing people, there is some help.


WeChat launched a number of shops, the industry in an uproar, Tencent and Jingdong in the future, but still did not give up C2C development direction of the business, the base brother temporarily not to comment on this practice is enough clever, from personal practice point of view, WeChat and O2O to combine, than C2C or B2C more fun; next I want to share with you all, do O2O by WeChat, businesses need what


we first look at the current situation of WeChat public platform

although the industry have stressed that WeChat is a strong relationship, but this strong relationship is only established between individuals and individuals, but also a strong relationship between C2C. However, the WeChat public platform and WeChat users both personal opinion, but weak relationship, everyone was noticed, whether it is from the media, or the brand WeChat public account open rates decreased gradually, a lot of information to the user of the open circles in face, a bit like a relationship between V micro-blog and ordinary users, even worse than this, not too many people now play micro-blog, micro-blog in the user, they can have a more clear flow of information environment, to see their concerns;

brother has always believed that the content can not be used as the core of WeChat marketing, users only willing to spend time on what they needed, although the original content is not difficult, but interesting, there is a material, it is very difficult to create, is often a good content after launch, piracy everywhere, overload WeChat the content of the resulting micro signal opening rate is lower and lower

most users are concentrated in some kind of entertainment, dry cargo WeChat account, merchant brand account more not many people patronize, in this case, WeChat public account business, individual users of WeChat is slowly abandoned;

Tencent in the face of the brand number open rate is low, what to do to save means?


is if this trend continues, businesses do WeChat public account is really difficult to have a way out, but the Tencent made a funny thing, is to open the advertising platform, which is mentioned in my previous article wide point advertising, "why I in the wide point just on the line, I’ll see an article mentioned" the decline in >

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