CPPCC members online business executives do not intervene prematurely

March 8, 2017

online business, but also the development of economic instruments, to rely on the power of the market to allow themselves to eliminate the development of administrative power and not too early intervention." In the days before the meeting of the national NPC and CPPCC, member of the CPPCC National Committee, the National Audit Office, former deputy auditor general Liu Hezhang expressed such views.

as a new emerging industry park and representatives of individual entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial network for stimulating employment, promote the adjustment of industrial structure plays an increasingly important role, and for this emerging field should take what policy support, is attracting more and more attention to the CPPCC members and deputies.

employment problem is one of the two sessions this year, the focus of most attention. In 2010 the government work report clearly put forward more than 9 million new urban jobs, the adjustment of industrial structure, the development of strategic emerging industries, to promote entrepreneurship employment and other ways to become a major national policy to solve the problem of employment way.

Liu Hezhang said that the pre reform and opening up, because there are very cheap labor, the coastal areas rely on the "three, two outside" model of development has some accumulation. Over the past decade, the rapid development of the national economy, people’s living standards improve, but the human capital of migrant workers is still stagnant, which is unreasonable. It can be said that a lot of small and medium enterprises to obtain profits, is still not from the various types of social security for migrant workers, the cost savings insurance.

"migrant workers in the past to survive, and now the times are changing, a new generation of migrant workers into the city, the requirements of the development of." Liu Hezhang said, when he studied in the country last year, see some village enterprises, with annual sales of up to several billion. "They rely on a new type of rural cooperative organizations, the production of unique agricultural products, through the promotion of the network, quickly won the market at home and abroad. This new form of organization in rural areas is very popular with farmers, do not leave, not the city, can enhance the income, can also see the old man with children."

data show that in 2009 turnover more than 200 billion yuan, as of the end of 2009, a platform to create 808 thousand and 800 direct jobs, driven by the logistics, payment, marketing and other industrial chain jobs up to 2 million 305 thousand and 100. Among them, the majority of the employment population are migrant workers, laid-off workers, college graduates and other vulnerable groups.

It is reported that

in Jiangsu, Xuzhou Sha town, from the beginning of 2006, 3 young people to open the Taobao shop at home, selling wooden hangers, wardrobe, shoe rack, shelf and other goods. Then the neighbors have to follow, at present the town thousands of households opened Taobao shop, Taobao household income of 2000 to 4000 yuan, but also led to the emergence of 32 wood processing plants, the local number of 10 logistics companies and development.

in recent years, online registration, tax and other topics from time to time triggered concern. Liu Hezhang believes that the emergence of any new things, all need a stage of development, is the impassable. Doing business on the Internet is also a tool for economic development

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