China nternet miles to participate in the activities of the Shanghai webmaster Association

March 8, 2017

to expand the trade – investment promotion, selection of talents "as the theme of the Chinese Internet trading and Investment Fair (referred to as China Fair), 4" Chinese Internet Wanlixing "events in March 27, 2009: the team arrived in the national key city – Shanghai.

March 28th, "China Internet miles" team was invited to attend the Shanghai Station Association organized the tenth party Internet activities, the forum to share – cooperation – win " " as the theme of "who work together, will match the ground resource and demand. The Forum on the Internet how to face the fierce market challenges, how to understand the VC of Internet investment view, how to further accelerate the core competitiveness of Shanghai station, how to carry out the integration and sharing of resources, how to achieve unity and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win development mode, make full use of resources. At the same time, and for grassroots how to translate into business operations, how to do a good job of site planning, how to develop business plans and other topics were discussed, the exchange of business experience, profit model and SEO trends.



webmaster forum site All seats are occupied.


the webmaster without AD, only have a joyous gathering, guests, very real, very identity. Shanghai station network has been walking in the information age the Internet industry the most advanced and sophisticated, enjoying the fun of the Internet to promote the development of the Internet industry, and represents the status and characteristics of Shanghai website development, forecast the trend of development of the Internet on behalf of Shanghai station, at the same time also shows that the VC mechanism of attention and recognition on the Internet in Shanghai the.

Chinese CyberFair Secretary Zhang Xinliang and Shanghai webmaster association development, the sponsor side around the Shanghai Internet industry environment, project financing and other topics in-depth exchange. Shanghai webmaster forum meeting, China CyberFair Secretary General Zhang Xinliang introduced the "2009 Chinese Internet trading and Investment Fair" for the webmaster, interested in the webmaster, some webmaster immediately said to the exhibition in Shenzhen.


your CyberFair Secretary Zhang Xinliang for the China CyberFair webmaster

March 29th, China Internet miles team to the Shanghai Internet association and the Shanghai E-Commerce Association passed this event message. Through this activity, we focus on the key areas of city, by China began to step by step, your CyberFair Wanlixing footprint will undergo the dozens of the main city, the popularity of e-commerce concept to the two or three city of the small and medium-sized enterprises, so that e-commerce can form a real sense of localization development, realize the popularization of electronic commerce the popularity of.


moderator Dr. Wang Zhaohui (right four), Shanghai webmaster association sponsors (right three)

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