Digital shop fast speed off special low cited consumers fooled

March 8, 2017

market price of 20 thousand yuan a digital SLR camera, in the shop actually need less than half the price you can buy?! such a low price, is not very exciting? Moreover, this reporter recently found that in this ultra low cost digital shop, all kinds of flow for digital products even in very low price in the sale, but the shop also vowed to ensure that all licensed and official verification, can the formal invoice…… Just want to transfer the customer before shipping. Netizens have posted on the Internet, saying that if the transfer in the past, not only can not receive the goods, and the other side will not be you!

part of the site involved in cheating website

"letter * digital"

"quality photography equipment"

"Ding * technology"

good bait: the price is only half the market price of

cheap! The digital products here are really cheap!

The first such

reporter found that the ultra low price shop (, dozens of digital cameras and other digital products on the web page lists apart: market price of about 20 thousand yuan of the digital SLR camera, it need only about 8000 yuan; the price of three thousand or four thousand yuan in the flash products, it only needs seven hundred or eight hundred yuan or even thousand yuan.

and the site marked in a conspicuous position: the network products are genuine licensed, and all official formal invoice.

and in the website of the message bar, thousands of consumers have expressed a message on the shop’s support, saying that the product is cheap and good quality, proven to be genuine and so on.

reporter put forward to be paid after the inspection, but the other refused, saying his shop only in the online collection of goods, do not accept the door from mentioning. The reporter presents itself for the product is not genuine doubt, the other is that he is in direct purchase of major digital vendors, and do not need to pay taxes, so in order to give such a low price.

but people did not think that, while reporters continue to observe, this shop is gone, "was removed from the Not the least trace was found..

playing "hide and seek": a number of disappeared out of

when the first shop disappeared, the reporter found that there are a number of similar shop run out, and the page style, digital products, low prices, as well as genuine assurance and receipt of the first transfer mode, the shop and before disappearing as like as two peas.

reporter also found that users have posted, to remind not to be deceived by this shop, because it is a fishing net >

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