Adsense network broadcast WeChat public new regulations ban WeChat training QQ interface is now the

March 8, 2017

1 WeChat public number of new regulations to completely ban the third party WeChat training  

Tencent recently launched WeChat, including WeChat and WeChat Business School Research Institute and other free training, WeChat team rules will be fully blocked third party WeChat training, marketing of the number of public management is also more stringent.

April 4, 2014, WeChat WeChat team on the number of users of public announcement to allow the public number of users and operators a clearer understanding of the WeChat public platform operating rules, platform ecosystem together to create green and healthy, harmonious and win-win, "WeChat public platform operating standards" is now officially released. Please read the contents of the code in detail, and strictly comply with the relevant agreement, we look forward to working with you to jointly safeguard the order of the operation of WeChat’s public platform, regulate self-discipline, mutual integration. Thanks for your support! "

2 QQ interface is now the first entrance to the Jingdong for the company to open drainage window  

news April 10th, Jingdong and Tencent are further warming, today the first screen interface QQ quietly appeared in the Jingdong icon (drainage window) entrance, QQ learned that this is the first in the first screen interface with third party application.

I saw in the first screen interface QQ, located in the lower part of the application manager a total of 9 diversion window, Jingdong entrance ranked sixth. The remaining 8 windows are QQ own products, such as QQ browser, QQ games, etc..

I click on the Jingdong icon, then enter the home page of Jingdong.

insiders pointed out that the Tencent has many application system, which can be ranked first in the QQ screen was recommended but scanty, the Tencent will use the entrance of the Jingdong on such an important position, but also to prove the relationship has been extraordinary.

3 with the way network and eLong Travel reached a strategic cooperation agreement  

April 10th news, with the way network today announced that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with eLong Travel network. According to the agreement signed by both sides, with the way tourism will be the exclusive scenic spots to provide inventory elong, eLong will at the same time, the same way travel China, front pay and hotel group purchase inventory.

travel CEO Wu Zhixiang said that the two sides of the users will benefit from the cooperation, which will lead to the same process of tourism based on Chinese leisure tourism market plays a role; eLong CEO Cui Guangfu also said that this strategic cooperation agreement reached by the majority of users, eLong and the same process is a win-win results.


4 currency net announcement said the fire was asked to be notified 18 days before the cancellation account for

April 10th news, following the bitcoin trading network BtcTrade morning announcement that the bank received a notification requirement to close the bank account before 15, than

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