Two Taobao shop owners in Shanghai for overseas purchasing tax

March 8, 2017

, according to Xinhua news agency, Shanghai first intermediate people’s court yesterday verdicts, found two Taobao owner overseas purchasing large quantities of goods tax evasion, guilty of the crime of smuggling ordinary goods. This is the first overseas purchasing Shanghai sentenced criminal cases of smuggling, tax evasion, sounded the alarm to illegal overseas purchasing.

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, these two Taobao owners are 80, two were sentenced to one year imprisonment, suspended for one year and six months. One of them was fined 100 thousand yuan, and the other was fined $81 thousand, confiscation of contraband seized.

Shanghai customs reminder, visitors should be within the scope of a reasonable number of cross-border shopping in order to profit for the purpose of overseas purchasing, once the smuggling of high voltage line, will be punished by laws and regulations.

April 9, 2012, the suspect Fan Lin (a pseudonym) from South Korea to Seoul arrived in Shanghai Pudong International Airport, no declaration channel entry. Shanghai customs officers in the two box carrying four bags and seized 386 pieces of cosmetics, powder box 18, phototherapy instrument 7, 40, 2, 15 sets of mobile phone wallet, watch 5. According to Fan Lin said, cosmetics, powder box, phototherapy is affected by his friend Liu Xinxin (a pseudonym) asked to carry immigration, the remaining items are ready to operate their own Taobao shop sales. After identification, Fan Lin brought the excess of duty-free goods suspected of tax evasion of more than 8 yuan.

in May 23rd of the same year, Liu Xinxin in the Shanghai Pudong International Airport immigration, customs officers seized was in the luggage pack 17, watch 2, cosmetics 288, a total of 307 pieces. Liu Xinxin suspects that the entry of the goods carried in order to South Korea duty-free shops, home sales.

customs found in the survey, as early as September 2010, Fan Lin had to carry 325 cosmetics imported undeclared, Shanghai Pudong International Airport customs administrative punishment.

is approved, Liu Xinxin of tax evasion and tax payable totaling more than 9.9 yuan, fan Lin evaded tax payable 8 yuan. The two Taobao store owners overseas purchasing goods to non trade "goods" to enter the domestic channel, after allegedly sold again, with profit, "goods" as "goods", and the number of large, suspected of smuggling.

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