Strong push website free promotion strategy

March 8, 2017

website promotion, actually do is spend money not only worry quick. However, not every webmaster are willing to spend money to do promotion, mostly Pro pro.

soft Wen promotion

soft Wen to promote the rate of return who knows is the best the most real, good soft Wen, the spread speed fully reflects the Internet without boundaries, reproduced the joy of a new record of the author of the soft wen. But after all, not every master is soft, but on the contrary, most of the webmaster is in the soft, hazy. Here do not say how to write good soft Wen, just talk about soft Wen written after the release of the site of a little attention, the right soft Wen published in the right place will get greater effect.

Enterprise Station soft: Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other large portal, the large flow will be able to quickly improve your visibility; Alibaba and other large e-commerce platform and industry portal, to improve brand awareness, attract prospective customer traffic.

personal station soft text: more than the local portal network dating community, Baidu post bar and other published, aimed at your circle; industry site, identify the authority of the industry site or forum for soft Wen released.

forum to promote

am a means of promotion, do not spend money then point out the flesh. But really, some people are born mixed forum, but leaves everywhere promiscuous in sex relations do not leave me. Forum promotion is not to the more the better the forum, but to your site and related forums, otherwise basically do not work hard, even if it can attract to the stream will not be repeat customers. Forum promotion, the key is a mixed word. Mix cooked, mix well, get famous, that you are in the circle there is so little known, what what say, not half waves can turn up.

video promotion

alone, "Back Dorm Boys" with a second successful homemade video popular network, mixed fast, "the chicken door" and so on so much hype or video is a video of concern to many people on them. Therefore, we do the promotion if there is so little, just a little bit of inspiration, may wish to carefully creating some personality video promotion, the effect is not comparable to other promotion methods. Of course, do not forget to put your site in the video advertising, or in addition to win a smile, hair did not touch oh.

If you are not making

or no inspiration, he did not go to the copy people chanting, of course, to see your eyes, hot or very creative but not famous. People who think to find "maxima" more worth trying.

line promotion

station is Mingku, computer busy neck Yaosuanbeiteng leg cramps, it takes time to think in life how to make your site known. The promotion of the line, according to the individual situation, really want to have a specific problem

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