The advantages, disadvantages, user experience, and other

March 8, 2017

this year to make video website more and more, especially some new podcast network, disrupted the traditional video sites, appear podcast network, let users have more free video viewing options, but also laid the foundation for the video search service. I will talk about some of their contacts in the podcast network now, free video network video search engine, disadvantages advantages, and user experience, but I only do we refer to statements of a school.

        1: I want to broadcast

        advantages: compared to other familiar podcasts, I found no merit

        disadvantages: less than flash hot video, video, video playback can post address. Video sharing code, is in the player under the addition of a text connection, low return rate.

user experience: I want to broadcast is my first contact with a podcast network, so I will mention it first. At that time, a friend recommended me to do 51bo traffic promotion, I think the other side is too high, busy busy their own work, there is no need to earn some money, do it. The first video podcast I apply also in 51bo, was trying to upload their own beat 10 Beijing will meet Changsha super video 51bo, a user can upload the video in 100M, because there is no way to steal the connected video address to the 51bo, I also can be forwarded to your own forum. I was able to find a place where you can upload videos free of charge, but also a special heart Hi, because there is only one account can only upload 100M video, I also registered a number of additional account number. Later I learned that the podcast network has the function of free upload video. Only to know when the 51bo is already half a year ago, look at the Alexa ranking no change, the site is to do more beautiful than before, but also increased the number of incidental features. But there is too little hot video here, generally do not come here to find material, I think it is a waste of their time.



advantage: the original version and the PC podcast podcast provides short version of the mobile phone video download

Disadvantages: slow update

video video sharing video code is not flash, the video address can be no less hot video post station video search, a page, a search was connected to the Baidu search to.

user experience: first because of the working relationship to know 100TV, when it began, I often go to the video material, where the video can post, but slowly go a little, because the update is too slow, less hot video, then basically won’t go there. The original sketch podcast is a feature of 100TV, but the cost is very big, so the update speed is very slow, now 100TV popularity is limited, I hope he.

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