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March 8, 2017

Baidu know rankings combat article

Baidu know quiz promotion, often is a network promotion personnel specializing in the most important position, product promotion, of course, this is not the only place the promotion, promotion is everywhere, as long as you find in the place of the target user groups can promote their products, but to do good work, must first sharpen his tools. As for the cultivation of small details not list.

sharing experience

website product key analysis


web site, then this would not consider directly with the site to do the key question and answer key to do, can also be used to do long tail keywords, long tail keywords in the search on Baidu index. You can use this tool to find the long tail keywords, you can recommend to you fly Darou long tail keywords tool, you need to do keyword collection. Only enough food to fight on the battlefield.

select the preferred keywords

Baidu know, not to do their own, to understand whether the opponent is also doing Q & a promotion, and make a full analysis of how to do. Understand each keyword in the Baidu know the situation, to search out the key you related to the Baidu search box must be in the home show, because the key words appear on the home page, so in home key exposure is big. This keyword must do. Other key words will be right to do, there is the analysis of the other products or web site keywords.

analysis of competition

analysis of each key in the Baidu home page ranking, will find the promotion problem some competitors are ranked in the first or second bits, the first thought: "why is there to study ranking, Baidu know, ask as the site of the SEO, only SEO you usually problem. The problem will have a better ranking, but also not only, but also to examine Baidu know answer, account level, account to ask questions, answer the number and take the quality of the answers are considered ranking. Through the understanding of the factors that affect the ranking of the factors are recorded, targeted to ask questions.

answer quality

The answer is the quality

the influence of the factors, such as like Baidu search engine on the original content, you should understand that when you bring it up, you will be ready to answer your content, the content must be clear, not too explicit advertising content such as web site, contact, so it’s against the rules of Baidu know. Soft knowledge will come in handy, the answer to a soft level depends on your ability to write.

answer account selection

account level to answer the impact of the ranking is very large, the general level of the high number of questions to answer, although not keep contact, but you can put the URL >

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