Product design of a user story interpretation

March 8, 2017

# the small Xu # recently, because the design of a mobile terminal products (APP), so the mobile terminal product design details of special attention. To use APP in daily life is the order of every hue, hungry, Baidu takeaway, Jingdong, Taobao shopping, group purchase beauty group, glutinous rice, the movie cat’s eye, Guevara, chat QQ, WeChat IT, information home, headlines, mobile client mobile communication terminal… So want to feel their life has been contracted for mobile APP, what time can be far away from the mobile phone? I have a pure life? And as a product of practitioners (PM) definitely cannot have such destructive thinking, are not APP TM, product manager can do something on? Ah, the product manager in addition to the product what can we do? So, do give me a wake up.


before I talked about are some thoughts on the framework of macro concept and understanding, a friend and I said "is, can the whole point of practical!" frankly, is indeed a bit floating in the words. This time, we talk about some practical, see how the details of product design. In fact, the following to write the content, I have not thought of any particular good words to sum up, just want to write their own ideas, and finally add a title.


product story behind

"situation", I repeatedly stressed that the scene is the ultimate destination of the product". Why do you say that each product has such a user story (User Story):

product manager to design a product (Product Design), the product will eventually return to the hands of users (To the Market), the user will focus and abstract products in the broader context of use (Usage, scenarios) products to adapt to multi dimension environment, find their own way of salvation (Iteration).

this Story story (User) is no exaggeration to say that there is a very broad use of the scene (universal). The issue of independence from the macro dimensions of the product, try to pull the problem closer to the point: product design perspective on how to interpret the above user stories. He read the user story, perhaps you and I found that this is a new division of the product life cycle way (of course, this is only my personal understanding of sense, ignore the details of the deviation):

1, the first sentence "product manager to design a product (Product Design):" social public demand by product manager excavated or professional processing, the specific product form the final visualization accepted;

2, the second sentence "the product will eventually return to the user’s hands": the value of the product is to help users solve the problem, by the product manager’s hands

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