Look at the emotional marketing of nternet users from the 360 browser uninstall experience

March 8, 2017

currently has a large number of users about 360 browser we are very familiar with, but do not know if you have noticed, what are the advantages of love 360 browser and by the majority of users, of course, in addition to the browser itself, whether there are other worthy of our study and reference. The following figure is 360 browser uninstall the 3 confirmation tips.


from the above several unloading interface dialog box, we can directly feel a reluctant " " emotion, perhaps this is a successful Internet products constantly striving for perfection in the user experience on the further optimization. Even the last step of unloading are allowed for users concerned about the product, how can not be more successful? Obviously, this is a kind of Internet users emotional marketing, using each user has the inner emotion to win the user’s attention, important skills and it is also the direction of Internet marketing. Internet users emotional marketing has the following important aspects.

first, the emotional marketing of Internet users should not only focus on the form, but should focus on marketing content and focus on emotion. The emotional marketing of the Internet does not lie in the form of what users go, but rather how much emotion for the user to vote. Now often see the major Internet giant launched a series of activities in the important festivals of the war, but really for users to invest in the number of emotions. Such as two months ago, father’s day, the electricity supplier giant Jingdong is focusing platform to their electricity supplier Festival – 618 anniversary, millet companies often are pushing what festivals, and not for the user to do what practical activities, even an emotional story did not directly use this kind of festival on the site before a series of apparently ordinary consumption level users don’t even feel the discount is more formal, not let users feel a hint of emotion.

secondly, the mobile Internet should pay more attention to emotional marketing. Do not know if you still remember, in May this year, Baidu launched a mobile phone to "Mom I wanted to spend more time with you" as the theme of the activities, activities begin with a large number of users to participate in, the enthusiastic response in the micro-blog platform. With the development of mobile Internet, the popularity of mobile Internet and intelligent mobile phone users, lifestyles and consumption habits will be affected, for shopping, information retrieval, convenient payment, news reading more and more with the mobile phone, the mobile phone position in life is more and more important, but parents in the elderly because of the knowledge gap due to the living environment and the limited knowledge, although have a mobile phone but don’t know how to make full use of the function, nor small problem using a mobile phone in App to solve life. At the same time, most of the young people in the outside, in the important festivals are often unable to go home for the holidays and family members and parents, mobile phone Baidu launched such a mother’s Day activities at this time, we called for more young people to see the reality, spend more time to accompany their parents, teach parents to solve small problems in life with modern tools, Baidu mobile phone of the utility.

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