Then melt $35 million Truck help not only want to do in the field of freight drops

March 8, 2017


technology news (Sun Hongchao) April 18th news, today the domestic Internet plus logistics company truck has been completed by students announced yuan capital lead investor, Tencent, DCM with the cast of A++ $35 million round of financing, after this round of financing, help van A round of financing (A, A+, A + + round round round) a total of more than $100 million. Tencent technology can not confirm the amount of financing.

according to reports, after the company truck investing mainly in Tencent, it venture, Hillhouse capital and DCM Chinese, the A++ lead investor capital by former Tencent Yuansheng investment director Peng Zhijian founded turnover.

truck to help start in 2007, is committed to infrastructure China highway logistics, provide the "empty" and "supply" docking services for long-distance truck. But unlike other docking services to do the same cargo App, not only to help the truck like drops in the same area of the Nuggets in the economic field, it is already moving towards the rear service market.

van COO of Tencent technology help Luo Peng said: "this year will help truck deep vehicle service market, the current car, second-hand car trading has a comprehensive on-line. In addition will also provide for the owner and the owner exclusive tailored financial products, online mall, insurance business, ETC pay withholding, oil fee payment withholding, auto parts, vehicle maintenance, road rescue services will also be launched."

truck to help CEO Dai Wenjian said, 2015 is the "Internet plus logistics industry to eliminate, and 2016 is the layout in the second half of 2015:" capital at low tide, Internet plus logistics start-up companies have selected their direction to layout, logistics industry is large enough, this is a good thing."

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