The use of QQ friend impression website promotion

March 8, 2017

              QQ2009 has a new function – friend impression is intended by Tencent, "friend impression" of this product, into the SNS element to the QQ panel, to increase user viscosity and interactivity, to add a friend described, do not delete friends then, move the mouse to the QQ picture will show you the added content, conditions must be installed QQ2009 version. After the test of Sedum can add URL, if the user wants to promote your website or shop, method, can add buddy circulation and friends through adding description, his friend saw it and thought it was goodbye recommended site, open a great possibility.

this promotion method, the key is to be new, we all have a sense of freshness when the most effective promotion. In particular, before the use of QQ group like effect is not obvious, but there are programs conflict.

of course requirements of their website also not stereotypes, content is the key. A good website is like injecting fresh blood into the internet.

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