Adsense how to choose advertising alliance

March 8, 2017

most let owners concerned about how to make web site to make money, do stand friends are all want to earn Diyitongjin life through the website of the. Most of the webmaster is mainly through the money advertising alliance, but in the end what advertising can make money, which is stable and reliable and the service is good advertising alliance, today I will put this in A5 years of contact with the advertising alliance comparative analysis, we hope to help the webmaster.

Everyone should be familiar with the

advertising alliance, Baidu Union, Google Union, Ali mother, Sogou alliance are very famous, basically is the pay per click, below I will briefly recommend several relatively good advertising alliance. Webmaster can be used as reference.

(1) Baidu Alliance: as China’s Internet giant, its advertising alliance is also very strong, the results reported that the year is divided into 2 billion, really make money ah. Baidu alliance price is good, less 50 Fen, more time to reach a few dollars, but Baidu advertising alliance application requirements are very strict, the average new or is not much traffic station to go, very difficult, I also applied for several times before they succeed, if applied to the webmaster, as a person, please don’t get smart, you fight but Baidu.

recommended index: four stars

(2) Google Alliance: as the world’s Internet boss, technology and the like do not say. Before the application conditions of Google alliance is basically a website, but now the conditions are different, a little strict, if you want to apply for Google advertising, it is recommended that you first get your website is complete, if have their own characteristics better. Some of Google’s advertising is English, Chinese for this website is not too good, but Google Adsense earns is $! Is very attractive, is still the same, the webmaster don’t get smart, I just had a deficit, blocked the $more than and 20

, distressed ah!

recommended index: four stars

(3): Ali mother as the Alibaba’s advertising, relying on the powerful resources of taobao.com, Ali mother to do fast. The Ali Mama advertising is mainly taobao.com shop, some stations also put on the Ali Mama advertising, such as Sina, NetEase has. The general flow is not the website, Ali Mama advertising optimization is not very beautiful, like the station that is very beautiful, Ali mother is like Baidu, and Google, have to click on ads, but also has its own characteristics, you can sell advertising in the Ali Mama, let customers need to advertise a monthly purchase good.

recommended index: four stars

(4): 695 as Sogou cooperation and alliance advertising alliance, although it is the bright younger generation, but can not be ignored, and now has a membership of tens of thousands of webmaster, have a professional team, the service is very good, I do, if I am not clever, by the title, now a straight down. I remember is the one called "Jingxing" sales, service is very good, give me guidance on how to optimize.

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