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March 8, 2017


at 6 a.m. in the morning blind book, see the 3 rules of 1969 sociologist Herbert Blumer developed:

how people treat things depends on how he describes the

The meaning of

is derived from the interaction between man and man, man and society

mastery and modification of these meanings is through the process of "

" when people encounter these things


Blumer is a master of symbolic interaction theory. He believes that the interaction between people, is achieved through the symbol, that is, the meaning of the action, the symbol. Therefore, interpersonal interaction can be mediated by symbols, by understanding and examining the deep meaning of each other’s actions to complete.

read this, I feel some inspiration:

this time, everywhere is the symbol, we create the symbol, the digestion symbol, the symbol communication, also is captured by the symbol:

Martha Lahti is a symbol, Tomson is a symbol, red is a symbol, girls send roses, no culture of real estate intermediary in a suit is the symbol

hot days, the mushroom cool hot pants is the sign that Jobs is a symbol of Yan Xiaoma I also created the symbol… (two)

symbolic interactionism master Mead (Mead) uncle, also Herbert Blumer

tuition teacher



m master is to teach philosophy, but never on the "symbolic interaction theory" theory. His only book "mind self and society" (thinking, self and Society), or the old man died, his disciples to help him organize class notes, published. I think, just published in the two book, can not help but praise myself really thick skinned

m uncle believes that thinking is the essence of Inner conversation (inner self talk), but the premise is the "expression", that is must have the language, and then to think, this language need to "sign" the first internal "self interaction", and then use the language to create a "symbol"

self? Mr. Meade believes that the self is a mirror, is a reflection of the individual symbols around.

such as the children of a poor family work generally anxious to put out the fire, and pass within the system; children they whisper, relatively calm; psychologists say, if you believe that you do not normal, soon, you is not normal. Never stay much time alone. all psychological problems, if you can integrate into the crowd, will soon recover. On the other hand, everyone is actually based on others’ comments on him

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