Thunder is the bane of where

March 8, 2017

thunder CEO Zou Shenglong

Abstract: if the copyright door is thunder rite, boil over, thunder was brought up; then the "door" will be the bane of thunder, from childhood to old


Microsoft’s acquisition of YAHOO’s event continues to make out, the Internet industry has recently made a sensational news: American Film Association announced that the association of the six film studios have China P2P in Shanghai (point to point) Thunder download services company to court, ask for compensation of 7 million yuan thunder at the same time, the RMB, publicly acknowledged piracy. The six plaintiff company backing big, respectively in twentieth Century Fawkes company, SONY film company, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Warner Bros. and Buena Vista international company, they believe that the thunder as the P2P service provider, to help users download pirated movies, the 32 film caused by the infringement of copyright.


Chinese the rapid development of the network, the number of Internet users after the current has been followed by the United States, the scale of the industry is also very large, but the related intellectual property protection is still in the initial stage, from the earliest text, picture copyright, to the later MP3 and video copyright infringement, all It is often seen. At the same time also because of China network company copyright "low cost" operation, brought up several network giants, "Heroes" troubled times describe a little too.

thunder is one of the rapid rise in China in recent years, one of the new network, known as the world’s largest download platform service provider. In the end is not the world’s largest Internet coverage?? there is no data available, but I know that the thunder is really good, I also often use this tool, see a lot of movies for free. Rapid growth is always in trouble, in fact, the thunder is not the first time encountered copyright disputes, February 3rd Shanghai court judgement thunder company compensation degree for the film "confession" network copyright 150 thousand yuan of economic losses.

Zou Shenglong is one of the founders of thunder, graduated from Duke University, master of computer science. At the end of 2002, Zou Shenglong began in the United States to create a Silicon Valley thunder, returning in 2003, founded the Three Generation Technology Development Co. Ltd., Shenzhen city in May 2005, the company officially changed its name to Xunlei Network Technology Ltd in Shenzhen City, 2007 thunder Google injection.


The biggest characteristic of

thunder is fast, but with BT, P2P, etc. software, thunder transmitted content is difficult to avoid piracy, such as erotic gray areas, but compared with the P2P software, the thunder is downloaded from the server resources, so it is easier to manage than P2P software. Therefore, to increase cooperation with content providers to ensure that the legitimate content of copyright resources to download the user is a major way for the future development of thunder.

The reasons for the success and failure of

companies are sometimes different

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