Do GG League as a lottery ticket

March 8, 2017

Many webmaster do

GG advertising (Google AdSense for short) is K (closed account) is that many webmasters do homely food, even the GG alliance is to rely on luck, often see the webmaster complain, sigh: do GG alliance like to buy a lottery ticket, was the first prize, when you go against the found that tickets can not find, an international advertising alliance, to bring Chinese webmaster such feelings, maybe we should seriously think about what is the webmaster of a problem, or the Google Adsense

union out of the question?Keywords:

"cheat" for cheating GG ads in the end there is no? After long time observation, GG alliance site does have a part of the webmaster in crazy cheating, cheating caused by this crazy situation, what is the reason? The main point is the price:

1 is currently GG advertising unit price than the domestic advertising alliance several times higher, GG advertising is paid in dollars, and sometimes a click can reach $0.5-5. Relative to the domestic advertising alliance, which is the domestic advertising alliance can not be compared. A webmaster even if their site traffic is very low, if the price is high, then click 10 clicks a day, but also much stronger than the domestic advertising alliance. Unit price is one of the main causes of cheating

2 GG has a lot of advertising language versions of advertising, such as: English, Japanese, Korean and so on, no matter that a foreign language version of the advertising language, advertising price is a big gap, such as English advertising to several times higher than the Chinese display advertising, is also this year triggered a surge of the station and one of the reasons do these English station; station is the purpose of GG advertising, to get higher returns.

"account" key words: it is clear that both domestic and foreign advertising alliance, even if the technology is high, there will be the phenomenon of cheating. But the cheating is only a small proportion. This is not always the Internet advertising does not exist the phenomenon of cheating, is also unable to intercept vulnerabilities. With cheating there will be locked, delete move, so the "closed account" in the middle of the word will spread. There are several points worth thinking about, perhaps GG advertising alliance need to face the problem:

A. for the current GG ads, the majority of owners to put English advertising final result must be the closure account, can not receive the money, the situation with a thought: by GG technology, according to the nature of the site put advertising language, is a simple technique, why neither the GG advertising alliance no provisions of related measures but only artificial intervention? This way is a bit like black price: do not say first, wait for you to eat again.

B. settlement time: GG settlement time is generally a settlement for a month, but the real estimate received money for more than 2 months time, the settlement time lead to problems, if there is a website last month without cheating, this month for a higher return, made a small move >

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