The war of words continued! The same way network CEO founder tuniu unchanged, no spring

March 8, 2017

review: Wu Zhixiang said that the founder of how to treat investors, treat partners, treat employees, treat customers decide the enterprise can across much hom.

Guangzhou just off the plane, this time to see you and frontal joint "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" a letter to the expert, I see things like it, well, the net worth of all the bet, get a sum of money, but the stock price fell by 10%, by the Jingdong the shares are down, really difficult to write email to colleagues cheer, very good. Look at the contents of two words: sky, force and price Qi LOW. Since this is your two joint, we five founders also added up, or give you back.

you to colleagues within the mail, you said the investment in the same way as investment in the way cattle, because with the way no way cattle are cattle, your these colleagues are not investors, they have so many of you share your mortgage, it is not cast pearls before swine? In this round of financing, there are some potential investors to find we do, ask our opinions, our answer is: the way cattle are a very good team, worth the investment. They’re really in this round. Now, if they ask if our answer is still: tuniu is a very good company, worth the investment, but their founder must change, if not change, the way cattle in the spring will never come.

why do you say that? We have five people along the way, ten years of business, ten years, ten years of quarrel, ten years, we found more and more, the founder of an enterprise development is very important, is the founder of the ceiling. Founder’s vision, mind, the spirit of hard work determines the future of the enterprise. How to treat the founder of investors, treat partners, treat employees, treat the customer to determine how many enterprises can climb.

but you see, listed less than a year, what have you done?.

Some experience, following

we encourage each other, also give attention to the same way cattle war entrepreneurs workshop.

The founder of

, can give investors a cake, but do not be fooled.


venture was a high risk that is unknown to the challenge is to make the impossible possible, so investors to describe blueprint for financial support, but do not be fooled as unalterable principles, investors, liars bragging. The essential difference between yourselves and bragging that he is not from the heart of the founders believe that there is no very serious attitude. Your email has publicly said "we can blow us cattle realized, we can blow the new cow", you said the way cattle sale on-line in June, the tourism industry to do the "vip.com", the cow blows, the share price immediately doubled, but a quarter of the past, how performance? Vip.com’s success is a combination mode for the purchase of mobile Internet users with massive and high frequency, creating panic buying patterns, the annual per capita consumption frequency > his client

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