Six important factors to determine the success or failure of the site

March 8, 2017

      because he had the intention to build the station, so I have seen a lot of other people to build the station. A little personal website experience, feel to increase website traffic and have little effect on the viewer’s impression of the recruitment of loyal visitors. May be a bit old, but the absolute direct from the heart.

      first, it should be said that the most important thing is the content of the site. See others have written a lot of related articles, most mentioned this. Personal website, is designed, if not only, even if he found a very good content in this website, because did not find the theme, the next encounter related issues is still not to think of the station. Do not say anything else, look at the station, blueidea.. Example, I think most people will think of them when they first encountered problems. Content is very important!
      two, update frequency. He said he wanted to see something different (except for individual stations), and it was like eating, if everyone ate the same thing, I think anyone would bother. Over time, will lose interest in the station. In fact, as long as the majority of visitors to visit the situation when there is a sense of freshness, learned something, feel the webmaster is in the heart can be. Of course not to find a pile of things or things to repeat.

      three, website structure. The structure is clear, the visitors will soon be able to find what they want, which can give them a good impression. In the initial planning of navigation station to work hard.

      four, website style and color collocation. Although some of the content is good, but the browser is not like, sometimes because of the style of the site. The collocation of color, a variety of edge width and height are the result of careful consideration. This requires designers to have a certain aesthetic. For example, like the DEDE, although the kernel function is good, very good, but also open source, but many people just don’t like his pure green background.

      five, search optimization. This online a lot, do not say.

      six, in fact, appropriate speculation is essential. Just like in the entertainment world, the more the more fried red, mixed with a familiar face, a little later what we think about you.

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