5 minutes to learn the new Taobao stores the most effective promotion.

March 8, 2017

The new Taobao

store the most troublesome problem is how to make the store of their own will not drown in the same type of tens of thousands of competitors, how to make their own shops trading volume soared in the short term, to honor the crown. Today I would like to share their experience in the promotion of Taobao shop. I hope to have the interest to open shop friends help.

a lot of new store decoration shop after a good start, a whoop and a holler own shop, what then is the Forum irrigation, mad miscellaneous advertising, advertising investment a lot, basically can not take a bubble volume. In fact, this thing is a network advertisement for us with no reality whatever things, the limited financial resources of individuals, basically not what is the actual effect, or should say =o, you might want to say those websites, portals, forums, advertising more scary, ha ha, it is really much, but for their advertising effect and we see advertising effect is not the same, why do you say, we see the advertising effect, the most practical is to bring us the volume, if the volume is not enough, the second brings us some traffic is also to afford to spend their own money however, those big advertisers ads most is to sell products, they required the advertising effect is closely, do not need to give my website bring much traffic, sell What are some of the products. For example, today we small Adsense to promote the network game Edinburgh, advertising to Sina, I believe he can really bring me a lot of traffic, but if there is no special thing, or things, he can keep people? Your ad tomorrow down, Tao Tao game net how many people will remember how many people visit? Similarly, Taobao stores lost to Sina, NetEase have? If you want to vote, it is Taobao’s own ads, our personal shop

Taobao promotion, the most simple, the most effective way is to do YAHOO train, with Baidu for almost no pattern, but because people have in inside, don’t want to find the goods he needs, then your goods and in the best position to show that the product is quite competitive the effect will be very good, the other to find website advertising what mom, not only a waste of money, nor what effect. As to the relevant forum community soft text what, the effect, but not very obvious.

this is my year to open the Taobao store to prepare, or have already opened the shop, but the volume is very low had a bit of advice, don’t waste money on online advertising, if you must cast, the best YAHOO train, but also do not say YAHOO train will make money, do their own a follow-up survey, if you make ends meet, then I suggest you shop the best transformation, because you are not competitive, doing it’s a waste of time and money. The second is to find some influence, better interaction and related websites and your products stand to throw advertising.

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