What are we talking about when we tell a story

March 8, 2017

English content marketing popular word called story telling, literally translated into Chinese is to tell stories". This translation is really out of place in Chinese, because it can make people’s minds out of inappropriate Association, one of the most common is:

tell a story? Is it a story?

we have the impression that the story is small when adults kid the most commonly used weapons, including the little girl was strange uncle spoof of the massacre. So, tell the story, we Chinese in mind, a bit younger, but some fraudulent.

I mean, I can’t translate story telling into a story".

so, story telling how to translate? Translation of such a difficult thing, I can not do. But I can break down the so-called "story telling" meaning, as follows (before I have found a better translation, I still story telling translated into Storytelling):

called to tell the story, not a story bluff, but her own personal experiences, and they want to do things, as well as their own ideas and vision, expressed by everyone loved the way.

why do you want to tell a story?

bluntly, the story is a kind of self expression.

why express? Imagine a person silent in a party, others do not do any communication to others indifferent, this person is definitely will suffer cold, no one is willing to talk to him. Because he isolated himself, so the relationship between the outside world can not access to his world.

In contrast to

, expressive people, others can at least know him, some like-minded people will further exchange with him. Chat, and continue to do business or even friends, anyway, the opportunity may be more development.

so, a company or an individual, the meaning of the expression is to be found, to be understood, to be established, trust, cooperation and mutual benefit.

after the establishment of contact and trust, of course, will begin to seek development. A group of people mixed together in order to exchange resources, including emotional resources and material resources. The company does not profit to die, of course, will be more eager to find opportunities for cooperation and cooperation.

this is the meaning of the expression, that is to say the meaning of the story: to be found – to be understood – to establish a connection – the establishment of trust – exchange of resources. Do not tell stories, even the opportunity to be found.

what are we talking about when we tell a story?

storytelling is a form of expression, what is it to say? The general story has the following categories:

1, big brand story

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