The construction site to suck marketing sudden death

March 8, 2017


small and medium-sized enterprises through the search engine advertising, to promote their products and services, in the end there is no effect? The answer is in doubt, can not hesitate to say, if in all Internet products, who talked about to the small and medium-sized enterprise marketing development the biggest contribution, the author will select the search engine. Our search engine grab regardless of how much profit, the majority of Internet users to provide information retrieval convenience at the same time, the search engine does so many small micro enterprises to obtain a new marketing opportunity. We are a professional website construction company, from 2006 start has been focused on the website construction business, let us experience and achievement of the construction of Xiamen local site ten strong brands. To small and medium-sized companies provide website construction service at the same time, we have seen too many companies, through the search engine contrarian rise. But we should also see the other side of things, marketing and consumer complaints There are plenty of people who is too high, then the problem is where


, an Internet era without the website must not be

now do not have to say that each enterprise is aware of the importance of the internet. But the real use of the Internet company, and there is not much, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises, due to lack of funds and manpower, in front of a lot of time missed opportunities. For example, many of the traditional manufacturing industry, in the face of the reality of the surge in the cost of market pressures, quite forward-looking choice of the Internet, the choice of e-commerce. But unfortunately, most of those enterprises due to the lack of preparation. Of course, we also see a number of antique companies, and even that the traditional sales model can fully support the operation of the enterprise, the company is not even the most basic official website. We believe that in the Internet Age business, the first thing you need to do is to design a good website. If there is no website, or the website design manufacture suck, will allow enterprises to lose a lot of opportunities in the invisible.

two, the site is the aggregation point of all marketing methods

What is the

site this is every company and every site construction companies should think deeply about the problem, the site after the construction of the place where it will not automatically produce any benefits. Web site is just a tool, its role is to assist marketing rather than alternative marketing. For example, companies see a show to promote products or services, then there will be a visit to the enterprise after the exhibition site to enter the enterprise in-depth understanding. Many companies are now doing Tmall flagship store, if it is a small thing to say, if it is thousands of items, most people will be particularly careful to understand the enterprise background. The company’s website is one of the best ways. Also, a lot of companies to do promotion marketing, the refuge point or on the website. Therefore, the site seems concentric multi circle origin, is the aggregation point of any marketing.

three, small and medium-sized enterprise website construction or in the details of

is not to say that the big business website to do is very good, many large companies website design is not good, or

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