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March 8, 2017

It is easy to

this Saturday was invited to Baidu "hero collect" mobile developers salon, at this meeting, to see a lot of Daniel share good dry cargo I heard in today, the conference content to share with you.

  data value

seems to be advertising conference, actually also give us a lot of good statistical data, in the main meeting the following are very alarming data: China 632 million Internet users, including the use of mobile phone terminal 527 million, Samsung mobile phone accounted for 21.24%, accounted for 17.87% of Apple’s mobile phone, millet and HUAWEI each accounted for 4.75%, the rest for other domestic mobile phone, Lenovo, oppo, Tianyu, Gionee, cool starfish, etc.. Which mobile phone users use 2G network accounted for 21%, the use of 3G network accounted for 23%, the use of WiFi accounted for 46%. While Android users in the proportion of three or four cities in the city reached 45%, while the same period last year was only about $35%.

the above data can tell us that mobile phone users are increasing, has been extended to the three or four line of the city and rural areas, while the domestic WiFi sites are increasing, the continuous increase in the rate of use of WiFi, which means that the future market is much.

APP promotion

mobile Internet business boom. An idea and creative products can be formed, but the promotion and profitability is a big problem, what is the current promotion channels


channel is too decentralized

put into operation cost and user resource pressure caused by new large channels, serious decentralization.

channel vertical subdivision

as a result of decentralized channels, a single product technology, the channel gradually through the market segments, enhance the core competitiveness.

channels to promote a substantial increase in the cost of

hand travel industry rise, brush punch list channel scarcity, the urgent need to promote the application of traditional industries, the current online, offline channels can not meet the needs of various types of promotional needs, resulting in a substantial increase in the cost of promotion. Faced with the above situation, we have made a number of statistics at the meeting, the final conclusion of the following promotion is the most suitable for the current APP promotion.

1, the third party store

1) advantage: enter early, there are some users accumulated. Most of the traditional Internet companies to build the concept of the Internet

business, flexible and flexible way of cooperation.

2) disadvantages: the country has nearly third stores, fierce competition, high elimination rate. Selling location advertising revenue,

no better business model.

3) promotion costs: if you do not need advertising and recommendation, promotion costs basically zero. But every day a large number of products shelves, will

caused the product to be quickly submerged.


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