Six guest network each in the supernatural

March 9, 2017

      China popular since ancient times Knight culture, Chinese seems to have an ingrained Chivalrious complex. The Internet as a political arena, there are a variety of people from time to time the stranger infested, from the early to the last two years, hackers Honker, blogs, podcasts, Witkey, and then to the nearest fire up, shaike thousand passengers and making the title, Pringles, emerge in an endless stream sometimes make people catch ground through. Today, we come together to talk about the emergence of a new online "passenger" groups, hanging in the center of the network every day, you look at what is suitable for "guest"?

      ofshare –

      feel the joy of being watched

      definition: shaike, as the name suggests, is love their own things out to dry and show people.

      sun drying their stock returns, buy new clothes, new shoes, new bags, new mobile phone, the new hot hair, the decoration of the new house, or even get the photos of his girlfriend, in the end, many users are can’t help reveling in others of their admiration and encouragement in the sound. Online community posted photos of the post was friends called live, can become the focus of attention of other users, the process itself to meet the people’s desire to show.

      reporter commented: shaike infested sites are some of the popular online community, only in these places, people can quickly reply, let bonusgiven get spiritual comfort, to feel concern for fun.


– making

      both have the opportunity to act as a director when the star

      definition: a family of photography and video. Making fun in their self satisfied work linked to the video site office comments, voting, if you can get the affirmation, to meet the bonus than their shoot off.

      many are making a television director and his camera, taking photos at hand down fragment on the web, there is also some video website dedicated to the contribution of work, focusing on a specific theme, made a complete story, or a series of this kind, more likely to attract users continuous attention. There are people in the courage to show themselves, recently, assistant general manager of a household electrical appliance enterprises Jing Jing since taking pictures in Youku, cool 6 network and other major video sites to attract a large number of users click. Everyone here has a chance to be a director.

      reporter commented: but the site managers also need to pay attention to a problem, is to do personalized guidance to the user, rather than correct

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