Xi’an first owners start to start the registration

March 9, 2017

      Objective: he had a good idea or patent projects, not to find start-up capital; their own money but there is no suitable investment projects, personal website no SMS advertising, no value-added services, personal website income from 8000 yuan to 800 yuan out there? In the second half of 2007 we will break through.

      this conference is the spiritual wisdom feast of entrepreneurs.

      theme: integrating grassroots resources, let us take root in this

      time: 2007.7.22

      Party topics include:

      1, the concept of site operation, the operation of the method, and the details of the operation.

      2, website promotion, event marketing, etc..

      3, looking for funds for the patent project, looking for investment projects.

      4, they introduced their own website, they also give advice and suggestions against the brick.

      5, this is 07 years in the group of grassroots party, chitchatting, praise each other, exchange of feelings (Note: here no girl to global

)    welcome to join us

      contact person: happy

      Tel: 13772173055


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