CNNC network security become the history of the cattle nail

March 9, 2017

      the nail is divided into two types:   1, self protection. They are social vulnerable groups with low income. 2, the background of backing. There are certain social relations, tremble without fear, with knowledge, policy, love and drilling policy loopholes in the law, often behind expert advice.

      CNNIC is second, it can become a network security history of the nailhouse, nature has its reasons, coupled with the identity of certain institutions shall be no mo, almost doomed him in some rights in the war victory. In the VIP Internet Critics Circle Group, many commentators have sighed, this nail can be strong, Qihoo and other security vendors not fear its rivals, according to everybody I chat on CNNIC and nail features for a summary.

      CNNIC features: one, face rising, Kingsoft, 360 security guards, Norton and other famous antivirus software users encirclement and bad comments. Two, rely on the state official spirit so that the network security software vendors do not pull it. Three, CNNIC on the Internet is malicious. Four, CNNIC’s struggle is to rely on the semi official and semi business implicit identity.

      features: 1, offbeat nail house real estate business suffered siege. Two, resist the spirit of the nails. Three, the nail is malicious to the real estate business. Four, the nail fight is to rely on public opinion.

      nail and CNNIC the same concept, different functions in the class are also different. CNNIC represents the odium software won the lawsuit, but lost the hearts of the people, the difference between YAHOO and Qihoo is the difference between civil lawsuit and the official war war war, officer CNNIC mastered the rules of the game, so that other manufacturers do not have the background when the power disputes inevitable defeat.

      CNNIC in order to avoid the blow, in most of the time are disguised as a normal software, they generally use the gap over the weekend, at night and holidays and other notary organs do not work, the implementation of malicious behavior by the rapid change of the software function, to secretly installed in the network of people in the computer, then quickly restored to normal version. It’s as if the court can prove that a person is guilty of a crime by proving that a man is a criminal, and that a man cannot do the same thing as a man.

      "popular in the world, CNNIC use loopholes in the law, special status, damage the interests of users, persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, to discredit the image of the government, won the lawsuit lost support, against the antivirus software vendors and users, from the year Rong" network security holdout".


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