This time, Alipay lost in

March 9, 2017

is the American way Peng Lei letter in the "Alipay Frank pictures" of the fault, and solemnly to apologize to customers. After the exchange of Ali, after another defeat on the road to enter the social. Unwilling, helpless, indignation with them. Review on this event has made many reports, we will not repeat them.

combined with the whole event, we see Alipay how to play the role in the whole event? What Alipay wins in the enter the social road? Again where


played what role?Whether Alipay

event is the original intention of the user or spontaneous behavior, which plays a very important role in this event. From the point of view of the event itself, mainly divided into the following aspects.

platform role. This is the Alipay play in this process most obviously the role, because Alipay provides a platform, these photos are the channels of distribution to other users to accept. This is reflected in the spread of the Alipay commitment, it is because of its spread will have so many users know.

Ali the choice of propagation in the white-collar workers and college students in the two major social groups, and by women as the entry point, the strong communication elements in things, through the platform of Alipay eventually spread.

in addition, spread the Alipay event is mainly for the user, and this is the business credit system based on Alipay, it is this role to this event continues by more and more people know.

these circles for the amount of sesame credit to open the comment function is based on the Alibaba’s own user hierarchy established.

source role. Analysis of all as Alipay plays a very important role of the source in the process. In addition to this and Ali has been trying to get involved in the field of social products through their own products, but more emphasis on social ali.

Ali Wangwang expects to achieve

Alibaba socially through the establishment of buyers and sellers with lofty ideals and high aspirations, but in the end because Ali Wangwang is too closed does not ultimately spread swiftly, until now, Ali Wangwang is still the Alibaba internal product category, and not out of range Ali Ali; hope to achieve user growth effect through the accumulation of stars spread effect used, eventually because the platform is relatively closed and the circle is relatively narrow, and ultimately not known; Ali’s circle is Alibaba hopes such a product again to enter the social, but eventually because of pictures and other aspects of the audit, the final once again become a target for all.

in addition, Alibaba has always been regarded as a piece of fat in the Internet age and expect to continue their efforts to enter this field. Alibaba continues to pass its own

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