Make millions of years only by a public record equation Grassroots counter attack nternet public bu

March 9, 2017

"Internet plus" era, public entrepreneurship, innovation, "you hit"? The air will have, why don’t you move? Internet plus the concept already Huobian mass on both sides of the Changjiang River venture slogan, has resounded through the motherland, you have enthusiasm for what you are not you! The fear of failure, you do not have the resources, you lack of planning, you don’t know how to do! Now, all these problems will not be a problem, go for a network god Zhao "public record", provide the perfect solution for you: no need to resign, a small amount of investment, two hours a day, you can start a new career according to the author of this book! The original "PTCM network wealth equation", from P (product), T (flow), C (transformation) three modules respectively describes the elements of network system and how to quickly create wealth. The three module assembled into Everfount can obtain cash flow network wealth machine. The P module chapter mainly expounds how to build a super profits scarce products, T module chapter mainly expounds how to use the most accurate flow of effective means of network access Everfount, C module chapter mainly expounds how to integrate P and T into M (money).


so, what is the "PTCM network wealth equation"


to sell the product, you need to have the following three elements:

1 product (Product)

First of all,

has to be able to sell things, that is, products. The product can be physical or virtual. As long as it is in the eyes of the user can bring value to the user, the user’s valuation of more than our valuation can be used as a product.

2 flow (Traffic)

in this full of Ling Lang everywhere products to sell products in the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, first to arouse the attention of others, let others know there is such a product.

flow is to pull the guests to understand the product, the more people know, the greater the likelihood that someone will buy. There is a saying in the big woods, what birds are, and whether this sentence is derogatory or commendatory, we borrowed some improvement: no matter what product, see a lot of people, there are always a few buy.

3 transformation (Conversion)

the process of selling the product is actually the process of converting the product and the flow of money, so this process is also called "transformation". This is the last step in generating profits.

summary, the process of making money is roughly: do a good job, attracted traffic, and then the two were transformed, resulting in money.

this money making process is a universal model, not limited to the Internet, the next line of the store’s money making process is also true. The product is displayed in the shop, into the shop >

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