Traditional enterprise e-commerce network channel game

March 10, 2017

network channel is not only a new channel, on the other hand can also transform and upgrade traditional channels. The ultimate goal of the development of network marketing is not to sacrifice the traditional channels, but the use of the network to enhance the overall sales and profits. The traditional channels, such as direct sales staff, regional agents, wholesale stores, department stores, supermarkets, TV shopping and so on, are all in the process of sales channels, so we call "sales channels", but has a different nature of Internet and traditional channels, it has both the traditional sales channels, but also the media, customer communication channels. So when we develop network marketing strategy, to stand in a broader perspective of the development and utilization of network, in order to design a network marketing model to make money: the network as the transaction channel, as a marketing channel, as the guide and nurture the channel customers, also can be used as customer maintenance and re purchase channels. Moreover, the network only with the traditional channels, and effective cooperation with electronic channels, in order to create the greatest benefits.

1 network as a channel for the promotion of traditional channels to provide new customers.

such as McDonald’s, the service industry is often unable to complete the transaction and consumption on the network. Many luxury goods, high value products such as cars and real estate, the main meaning of e-commerce is through the network promotion, increase new customers. Some customers may be more understanding of the product on the network, but still prefer to trade through traditional channels, such as Ctrip, a lot of customers, often like to order tickets and travel products by phone. A health care products e-commerce company, opened a special store for love in store transactions in the elderly, these members in the network and the product catalog in the preliminary understanding of the product, and then go to the store to buy, the rent is far greater than the store sales contribution.

2 network as a sales channel.

from this point of view, the network is also the same with the sales staff and stores, customers can understand the product through the site, price, participate in promotional activities, and then to reach a deal, online payment. But due to save manpower and store rent, greatly reduce the cost of transaction. But on the other hand, if the sales process is completed through the network, customer experience and the credibility of the product will be greatly reduced, which is why people always think that the network can only sell low-priced products, why not sell the product. For high priced products, luxury and personalized custom products, only rely on the network transaction channels is not enough, must also be combined with more personalized interactive channels, such as telephone customer service, direct mail, SMS, or store to participate in the transaction process. For example, the establishment of Kelan diamond store experience, sales increased greatly; and if there is no red child Ctrip call center, manual, directory intervention, will lose a lot of business opportunities; electronic commerce suits custom also need to go to the store to complete.

3 network as a channel for customer maintenance and repeat purchase.

sales personnel rely on personal relationships, with geographical location of the store, naturally there will be a high degree of customer stickiness and repeat

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