Taobao mall will start independent domain name tmall.com

March 10, 2017

Taobao insiders confirmed that Taobao mall will enable independent domain name tmall.com, the future of the mall.taobao.com domain name disabled, the current tmall.com domain name has been pointing to the Taobao mall. Taobao official declined to comment.

previously, there was news that Taobao mall will enable taobaomall.com domain name, but the domain name is still not accessible. In order to better distinguish between the market and the platform, and Taobao mall is expanding the scope of the platform to build online supermarket.

it is reported that Taobao mall online supermarket is still using the platform for businesses to build a complete supply chain and trading system. Businesses can share more than 200 million of Taobao users, without the need to build their own trading system and promotion.

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