General Administration of sports to enable the overall champion domain name to the future

March 10, 2017

Olympic champion domain home, after the cybersquatting wars and private donations, finally draw a satisfactory conclusion. The day before, the State Sports General Administration officially opened the 222 Olympic champion overall domain name, the official website of the relevant to China Olympic athletes page

at present, the application of the Olympic champion domain name is only the initial stage, the players of the Chinese and English domain name will eventually be used by athletes themselves. Other players to participate in the domain name is also in the batch processing.

in August 23rd, the State Sports General Administration of large-scale operation, the Olympic champion’s name of the 222 "China" domain name and CN domain names are placed on the official website of the Chinese Olympic Committee athlete information page. This means that the Olympic Games in Beijing in China to create the success of the Olympic champions have a new Internet "number", after the Olympic champion Chinese as long as the input domain, you can find the relevant Olympic champion homepage.

State Sports General Administration said that due to the opening of the Olympic champion domain names, the application of supporting measures to be further improved, therefore, the champion domain name application is only the initial stage. In the future, these champions will be gradually handed over to the players themselves, the application will be further deepened. For many athletes, the Olympic champion domain name application is a field outside the need to conquer the new field, how they use the champion domain name to participate in the Internet, is also a topic of great interest.

International Olympic Committee also noted the impact of the internet. December 11, 2007, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) board of directors of the Lausanne conference formally adopted a resolution to approve the event during the Beijing Olympic Games athletes and officials can open a personal blog

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