ntelligent machine company Vinci announced the completion of tens of millions of dollars A round of

March 10, 2017

February 20th, Vinci held a smart head machine company financing conference, announced in early 2017 by Tianqi amoeba venture capital investment led tens of millions of yuan A round of financing, the investor Yuandu capital with the cast and Chen Weixing.

2015, Vinci has been the source of venture capital and the number of billions of yuan Chen Weixing lead pre-A round of investment, as well as the heart of the capital million Angel round of investment.

Vinci has an artificial intelligence system, built-in voice assistant and a display screen. Vinci built a dual core ARM Cortex-A7 core processor, built-in 16GB/32GB storage space, and the use of Android based exclusive system. In addition to the storage of internal body songs, but also through Wi-Fi and mobile network online audition and download songs.

by GPS, motion sensor, light sensor Vinci real-time heart rate, rhythm and pace of the user’s perception of heart rhythm, automatic matching "heart station" intelligent algorithm, without manual editing of the song.

Vinci in the past two years, "enlarged sensory experience" as the starting point, the input and output of voice interactive optimization aspects of semantic understanding, "especially further build and improve based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) music search and recommendation system". Founder and CEO Zhu Dawei introduction.

Tianqi amoeba founding partner of Sandy Yan said they are optimistic about the ability of Vinci in the founding team of hardware and software, design, marketing and other areas of innovation and brand internationalization.

Vinci two founders have overseas background. Zhu Dawei is the founder and CEO of Bachelor of Tsinghua University and MIT School of materials science, 8 years of entrepreneurial experience in social network, is a serial entrepreneur, at the age of 22, China co founded the leading social network students network, after the founder of mobile social communication products MM (Mobile Messenger). Wei Wei, founder of the University of Peking University, Bachelor of Science degree, Carnegie mellon.

after the financing, Vinci said it will release the 1.5 generation of intelligent head machine in the country, is expected to launch in 2017, the two products, will create a multi scene artificial intelligence headset equipment.

founder and CEO Zhu Dawei said that the financing will be mainly used for the brand to the sea and the depth of grinding artificial intelligence product experience.

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