Baidu’s website promotion method

March 10, 2017

do stand so long have been looking for a good website promotion method. Simply do not say. What forum ah, QQ ah, and so on, the effect is certainly good. Here I want to introduce a simple and practical method of promotion, is the title, have been written — Baidu.

Although Baidu launched

for some time, but we have to make good use of it. Ha-ha。 With the benefits of Baidu search are the following:

1 can put all of their Webmaster Station are put into it, we only need to advertise our Baidu search page, this benefit is likely to click on our website to make several 1 IP into the Baidu search page, so we do have a number of IP. My collection of http://s.cang.baidu.com/ioc168 a day to visit 1000 times, but add up to several of my site traffic from the collection over 5000 times.

2 is now the webmaster know that Baidu is our boss, we use its products, it will certainly be more emphasis on our website.

3 allows users to generate trust. If we send a strange web site on the Internet, many users may think that there may be a Trojan ah what, but a look at Baidu’s domain name, it will not produce this suspicion.

There should be some good

, oh, someone will say, so we have the sites outside the chain of, yes, you will lose it, in fact we can in our signature, such as the QQ forum signature way to advertise. The most important way is Baidu know propaganda. Webmaster friends must have used Baidu know propaganda method. The disadvantage of this method is that the site will send more than Baidu posts deleted. We put our Baidu address up, Baidu will not delete posts, you think, oh.

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