Analysis of recent Baidu not included

March 10, 2017

these days open QQ group was always asked me recently why Baidu rules included, more than a month is not included, depressed dead! Ha ha, in the face of such a problem and I don’t know how to answer today, had a careful analysis, to write this article. The first statement is rookie practice is just based on the experience, exchange their opinions, please don’t BS me


don’t want to say anything, I just think they do not

below I teach you a quick way to let Baidu included new sites

has tested hundreds of stations, failed.

conditions: 1 new domain name COM and CN, a lot of people are very love CN, because of the poor the benefits (since we talked about this, just say one more thing, when buying 1 yuan of corn to select the COM.CN, I tested a few stations, COM.CN is more than CN included) < /p>

2 need to pay attention to the point, do not go to Baidu, such as the initiative to submit the search, or very likely today included, every day disappeared

reason why, I do not know, but this is my long experience

3 site choose to generate HTML, it is best to add a site map.

well, get ready for it all, start our approach, here are 2 ways to say. First, less and less time on the Internet website, go to Sina for BLOG, and then go to the Sina home page to copy something, to add your connection, remember to add super connection, not to write a web site, because the purpose is to let the spider find you. Then take some time every day with your registered BLOG user login Sina home page article area. To reply back to a new article, try out the article, should be sure to use your BLOG username reply, reply content also can only look casually. We count the fastest 2 hours Baidu included, the slowest will not exceed 3 days.

principle, Sina spider on the home page will not leave, it will be connected directly to your BLOG through your user name, the user name actually played a role in a super connection. And then climb through your BLOG to your station, after all, the spider is not a man, it will be through the high quality of the connection will be wrong to judge you and sina is a friendship connection, so you will be included in the station. Baidu is not included in the update on the BLOG before the article, the article added to the super connection you stand. Then go to Sina home page. (advantages, generally included quickly, shortcomings, very tired, suitable for very little point)

second points, suitable for more than the site of friends, more suitable for a large number of friends do garbage station. A promotion assistant, did not go to my station for free download, let it have post, post does not matter, the best is 24 hours for a content, but the content in a little want to insert a connection, that is.., then you can no matter, within 3 days to ensure collection. A great deal of merit

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