Ali to go ah sparked online travel website war domain name Na Jiaqiang

March 10, 2017

renamed China (eName.cn) October 29th news, yesterday, the Alibaba group announced that the upgrade will air travel division’s aviation brigade for the group, "Taobao travel" upgraded to the new independent brand "Ali travel · go ah, and enable the independent domain name alitrip.com on the line. The press conference, Li Shaohua is shouted "where is not important, the key is to" export #, where has the intention to challenge.

a poster triggered the war


GDP Chinese after expanding tourism demand, while Ctrip, where to go and other tourist sites Dadehuore, Ali naturally will not miss this fat. Go ah start late, where Ctrip and where to go, go to the share is negligible". Although this is said on the mouth, but Ctrip, where it will not really indifferent. Just in the Alibaba to go to the production of a poster, where to go, Ctrip and other tourist sites have made a counterattack, triggering a war between the web site poster war".

after seeing "yes" posters, where to sit, tit for tat response: life is action not just reckless "ah", calm the choice of "where to go" is a mature attitude. Ctrip is not far behind, immediately that attitude: travel is "where to go", also should not be just a perfunctory "go out", is to travel with the right people, hand in hand, sharing a wonderful journey.

Ctrip, where to go online travel industry, big brother

in the United States listed Online Travel Corporation four, are listed in 2003 Ctrip Travel (ctrip.com), 2004 listed elong (elong.com), and the 2013 listing to go (qunar.com) and in 2014 just listed on the way cattle (tuniu.com). Currently Ctrip market capitalization of about $7 billion 500 million, where the market capitalization of $3 billion 100 million, the four add up to about $12 billion. However, these four are far from the end of the market. IResearch predicts 2017 online travel booking market will reach 500 billion yuan scale.

online travel sites, Ctrip is regarded as "big brother", with its domain name ctrip.com fight in the tourism industry for many years, finally in a leading position. Ctrip official website domain name ctrip.com, registered in August 1999. In addition, Ctrip has also acquired from Cai Wensheng "Ctrip" Larry xiecheng.com, domain name transaction price reached 3 million yuan. Click the domain name to jump to ctrip.com. In addition, Ctrip 2 letter domain name xc.com is not under its protection.

ah, the way home and other "brothers"


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