Santa Claus send you what do not know anyway he sent to the advertising company budget

March 10, 2017

the meaning of Christmas for businesses, is no longer a simple holiday to promote sales. Brands want to be more involved, and try to pass some values. Anyway, you want to advertise, make it a high quality chant, they want to.


Western Christmas and the Spring Festival in the East are a pair of natural control groups, people used to compare them with each other, sometimes with a bit of competition.

Other areas of the

may also be white hot, but the advertising side of the high court sentenced, and in recent years, the gap is still widening. Every year, more and more high-quality Western Christmas advertising was born, playing, and the topic of the actual sales data have good performance, which also makes the brand more willing to spend, even in this economic environment is not so good.

while Chinese companies and advertising people are still groping, although there have been some positive attempts, but the process is still slow. The Spring Festival is coming, this time can bring much like last year Liuxiaolingtong "Monkey King family" that Spring Festival advertising, this issue within 36 days will have the answer.

before that, we may be able to learn some of the changes in this year’s Christmas advertising. At least those successful ads will answer some questions, such as how to communicate better with consumers.

1 ad

Tale, a "The of Thomas Burberry" works also appeared in the scoring site IMDb and watercress. IMDb score is 8.2, watercress score of 8.3, reaching the threshold of the current watercress movie TOP250.

· is the director of works asfaux; Kapadia, he directed the works of "Amy" won this year’s Oscar for best documentary feature; screenwriter Matt · "the bridge" by Chapman spy Oscar nominated this year for best original screenplay; actor Duomunaer · Gleason appeared in the wild "Hunter" and "star Wars: the awakening" in force; the lens is by virtue of "Memoirs of a Geisha" won the Oscar for best photography of the Australian Duhem · Beebe.

it looks like a movie. Unless you notice that it’s 216 seconds long, you’ll find that it’s a little different.

this short video is Burberry’s holiday advertising for christmas. The 160 year old brand, hope when the festival comes to consumers tell a story about the process of founder Thomas Burberry invented waterproof fabric take down.


team will take place the British Oxford County Shirburn castle, where a build out of the trenches of the first World War, the art design studio scene is >.

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