Grassroots 9158 seek Transformation annual income of the year 300 million listed

March 10, 2017

Zhao Nan

Fu Zhengjun stared out of the window, he breathed a sigh of relief: to be big, only the transformation, which is 9158 of life, but also the future of hope.

in 2012, after the listing of YY, also let 9158 "grass root" is also popular in the day. The second half of last year, the original audition to dig Fu int operator Jiuyou CFO plan to start listing 9158, and in 2013, to Fu Zhengjun, may be a counter attack.

at the end of 2005, Fu to strangers dating community preserved video project, received a $1 million 500 thousand angel investment, and website positioning in the show mode.

The so-called "

show" mode, is the line of "club" mode to move online. Go to the night club, into the box to pay, and then there is a beautiful girl to accompany singing, but also to pay tips. 9158 the previous model is also the same. The user enters the room, need to pay, and then see the girls show, will also have a "grass root" to male performers to buy virtual gifts, also is the next line nightclub "tip".

with the Internet demographic dividend, surged four or five line network users, "the show brings great income to Fu Zhengjun.

but Fu Zhengjun doesn’t think it’s a long way to go. In the previous model, 9158 to pull their own girls to the platform to perform, this cost, energy is also larger. In addition, from the development of the entities under the line, "the club" although the customer price is high, but the scale is not KTV, but Fu Zhengjun hopes to reach more users; what’s more, Fu Zhengjun didn’t want to do a partial upper Jiangnan webmaster, he hopes to make the business bigger, but they do. The need for content in the culture and the responsibility of the filter.

2007, Fu Zhengjun got a $5 million investment in IDG. IDG about the strange video dating mode, at the time, IDG has also invested in Chongqing, a similar concept of DB network founder, Zheng Li to yellow content in a few years ago in prison.

may also be under the birth of IDG, Fu Zhengjun feel, 9158 to have a greater future, must be transformed. The direction of the transition from the online nightclub, turned to online KTV. Fu Zhengjun explained, the difference is that the first, more interactive, before the grass root see beauty show; now sing together, play together; second, online, users of KTV scale than the club, now moved online, the same is true; third, the business model has changed, before the user is to buy virtual gifts anchor, anchor can take virtual gifts to be realized, not now, but in order to limit the stations repeatedly trading virtual gifts instead of buying new virtual gifts, platform limit of each transaction transfer deduction rate is 20%. This forms the ecological cycle in a closed loop economic model. 2010, 9158 of the number of users is close to 100 million.

9158 rural encircling city play, not >

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