The domain name dispute controversy renewed Google rights constantly

March 10, 2017

(April 30th) hearing, it is reported that Google recently submitted an application to the Asian domain name dispute resolution center, requiring the transfer of the disputed domain name lv-google.com to them, and finally won the domain name dispute Google.

is reported that Google enjoys a high degree of visibility in the world, and around the world to apply for registration Google logo, the disputed domain name lv-google.com and Google trademark confusion. The main dispute of the domain name lv-google.com "lv-google", where Lv is the famous French brand Louis Weedon Louis Vuitton is the abbreviation of "Lv", "Lv" and the name "Google", the form and use of easy to make relevant citizens think the disputed domain name is Louis Weedon and Google jointly creating a web site.

it is understood that the disputed domain name website is selling fake designer handbags sales website, and the website home page prominently marked "Google" trademark, the defendant’s behavior has seriously infringed the interests of the plaintiff. The plaintiff said the defendant belongs to malicious registration and use of domain name dispute.

finally, the dispute domain name holders did not justify this, according to the evidence submitted by the arbitration team to deal with the elements of the Google, the domain name will be transferred to Google, Google won the disputed domain name.

previously, Google has successfully won the disputed domain name vietnamadwords.com, googleplaces.com, qoogle.com, googlepride.com, aigoogle.com, google74.com, mygooglemp3.com, googlenetbiz.com, googuia.com, googlemapsrealestate.com, googleos.org, googlemenu.com, googlemark.org, googlemarketing101.com, googlesearchserver.net and googlebuzz.com.

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