Changes in consumer shopping habits look at the micro platform of the three determinants and the dir

March 10, 2017

with the sellers circle of friends micro business platform gradually fade out, micro business in the All flowers bloom together. situation. The 2015 is the outbreak of the micro business platform, micro V shop, pat micro shop, pocket micro shop and other major micro business platform from the ground. Major businesses, large retail enterprises, speculative; xunyiwenyao. Small and micro businesses increasingly began to test the water micro platform, how to develop this platform micro chamber? The author makes some simple analysis, that the future development of micro business platform will depend on three major factors: consumer, scene and relationship.


platform micro business consumer shopping in three modes: stroll, recommend, share and search


no matter how electricity supplier development, I believe that the group will not disappear on the tour. Why not shopping, just to satisfy the curiosity of the purpose of the consumer will be a large number of, in the same time, due to the convenience of shopping will produce a lot of impulse consumption tendency.

recommend, share

when you brush circle of friends, you will often see some friends to share the link or recommended products or buy some of their own products. This sharing and recommendation is different from the rough sellers circle of friends, he is set up based on trust, when you don’t have to worry about buying decisions in quality and the true and false questions. This is very common in the mobile social era.



is the best choice for PC electricity supplier era consumers, but the rise of mobile providers, will break the user search habits. Consumers are used to search for two main categories: first, the goal is very clear, very understanding of the product; second, loyalty to the brand irons.

platform in the future micro business around; recommend, share and search three shopping habits will exist in parallel, but the ratio will change a lot, I think the search among friends and sharing will be the mainstream and will recommend an existing.

based on the above three shopping patterns and micro business to the center of the platform attributes, I believe that the development of micro business will have the following directions:

to self oriented C2C

At present,

derivative mainly to C2C’s personal micro business, have the brand authorized sales and marketing in the social media through a proxy form, through the circle of friends this batch of pre dividend derivative really earn some money, but as more and more hierarchical agency, more homogeneous products and public opinion siege and official the pressure and blow, this individual agent of micro business began to decline. Adhere to the non-standard, differentiation and the quality of the micro business began to flourish, so a variety of storytelling native products, fresh, handicrafts and other community micro business, circle micro business stand out. The benefits of this micro business is that businesses can do direct marketing through the third party platform, relatively flexible on the market, the price can be independent pricing, but the shortcomings are more obvious, such as: product management and control more difficult, production capacity >

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