Million shopping myth truth survey two years of expansion

March 10, 2017


every reporter Xu Jie from Zhejiang, Jinhua

a "consumer rebate" online shopping platform accident, this is called the country’s largest shopping rebate site as well as the initiator of evil the sales model of the "million shopping". Yesterday (June 12th) at noon, Zhejiang Lanxi Xu opened his "million shopping" account again, originally found on the morning of 8 points will be able to see the rebate or not arrival. Xu still do not know, in the morning, the operation of ten thousand shopping Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd has been investigated and dealt with, the office was closed. Yesterday afternoon, the online shopping platform has been closed, the bomb is out of the Ministry of Commerce and public security departments to combat pyramid selling illegal and criminal activities of the notice.

Zhejiang official press conference in Jinhua informed that, Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd and under the "million shopping" site because of suspected crime MLM organization and leadership, relevant departments have been investigated to close, the person in charge of the enterprise has been controlled by the police. As of 8:30 the same day, the public security department arrested 47 people involved in the scope of the city of Jinhua, including criminal coercive force of 25 people.

as the country’s largest so-called rebate sites as well as the initiator of evil the sales model of the "million shopping" the establishment of the time has just over 2 years, the "daily economic news" reporter from the Zhejiang Jinhua was informed that, according to incomplete statistics, Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd and platform for a total turnover of 29 billion yuan, 3 billion 600 million yuan net income rebate 3 billion 300 million yuan. In the past 2 years, Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd and its actual controller – should be built is how to build this billion myth


set up 2 year turnover of 29 billion

"here in Jinhua, many shopping sites, shopping at the beginning not many people, but their development is very fast, as if suddenly swept on both sides of the Changjiang River." Jinhua City, a local well-known "million shopping" and the boss should be built e-commerce company responsible for Mr Wu with the latter development speed.

Zhejiang Agel Ecommerce Ltd was founded in May 2010, million shopping site also set up.

At the beginning of the establishment of

, Wanjia shopping is just an annual turnover of 1 million 650 thousand yuan of the third party shopping guide network, the site is basically confined to the Jinhua area. But by the end of May this year, the "million shopping" has been set up in more than 2 thousand and 300 counties nationwide agents, hypostatic union shops all over the country in more than 2 thousand and 300 counties, a total of more than 90 thousand franchisees, have the right to dividends senior membership of more than 700 thousand people.

"at that time, their company is in Jinhua City Jinfan street a technology incubator Park, but the office area of 200 square meters, office in our company downstairs, Mr. Wu said," today’s scale and it cannot be mention in the same breath."

"daily economic news" reporter access to learn, Zhejiang

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