Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee to study the development of the nternet

March 10, 2017

: a comprehensive report of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau held 23 thirty-eighth collective learning, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Hu Jintao stressed the need to take a positive attitude, the spirit of innovation, to develop and disseminate healthy network culture, to build Internet and make good use of good management and. Analysts pointed out that this means that Zhongnanhai executives will guide the network of public opinion referred to an unprecedented height.

    according to Xinhua news agency, Beijing 24 news, Hu Jintao 23, presided over the thirty-eighth Politburo collective study, he stressed the need to strengthen the network culture construction and management, give full play to the important role of the Internet in Chinese in socialist cultural construction, is conducive to enhance the whole nation’s ideological and moral qualities and scientific and cultural quality, expand the propaganda and ideological work position, expand socialist spiritual civilization radiation and influence, and enhance the soft power of the China.

  the content of the collective learning is the development of the world network technology and the construction and management of Chinese network culture. The Central Propaganda Office Professor network publicity Bureau Li Wufeng, the Ministry of information industry, the Telecommunications Research Institute senior engineer Cao Shumin on this issue were explained, and published on the network construction and management advice and recommendations; participants listened to their presentations, and the relevant issues were discussed.

network management relations national long-term stability

  according to the Xinhua News Agency reported, Hu Jintao said in a speech, the rapid development of China network culture, has played a positive role in the dissemination of information, learning knowledge, promote the party’s theory and policy, but also puts forward new task for the construction of socialist culture Chinese. Whether we can cope with the Internet, the new space can really make the Internet become the spread of advanced culture in new ways, new platform of public cultural services, the health of the people’s spiritual and cultural life, related to the healthy development of the socialist cultural undertakings and cultural industries, cultural information related to national security and national long period of stability, related to the overall situation of the socialist cause China characteristics.

  he stressed that strengthening the Chinese network culture construction and management, we must start from the cause of socialism with China characteristics overall layout and cultural development strategy, adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as the guide, the full implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, according to the development requirements of the advanced socialist culture, with advanced technology to spread advanced culture, promote the construction of harmonious culture, to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the people, to provide a powerful ideological guarantee and support of public opinion for the construction of a well-off society.

Zhongnanhai senior online to listen to the voice of

  according to the authoritative department statistics, at present, China’s Internet users has reached 111 million, accounting for the world’s total Internet users of the world’s largest network of 11%. And the real-time and interactive network communication mode is more convenient for the public to express public opinion, participate in economic and social and political life. The role of the "public opinion field" of the network has been paid more and more attention by the Zhongnanhai

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