PHPWND teamed up with micro-blog Sina launched the battle for the owners of Tencent

March 10, 2017

is the acquisition of the Tencent will start in the webmaster Comsenz, users and traffic for threat not only for Baidu, as well as before being challenged the Alibaba merger and acquisition of phpwind, that PHPWIND also began to seek more resources to defend the territorial expansion began to erode the field for competitors.

yesterday afternoon, phpwind teamed up with sina micro-blog announced in Beijing, the two sides will be fully open micro-blog components, users can share content, and use the phpwind component of the micro-blog small website in the future, will help small and medium-sized site to establish a broad content dissemination channel.

Phpwind CEO Wang set, in order to comprehensively and in-depth exchanges of various types of local and industry website, to help owners on the Internet a new wave of development have more complete understanding, more convenient access to various resources, phpwind and Sina Taobao Union, micro-blog and other partners, such as ChinaZ Admin5, the most influential professional webmaster media. The theme of the search for new opportunities, meet new friends "national tour ground exchanges, activities will last for 3 months, covering 24 provinces, 40 city. Wang Ji also revealed that, as the event’s terminal, phpwind will be held in Hangzhou in December a large-scale local and industry Web site development conference.

and Phpwind of this series of actions, is also considered to be just the acquisition of Kang Sheng Teng counter measures, the purpose is to prevent the Kang Sheng by Tencent this big platform to snatch personal webmaster users and more traffic.

on the current competition between Phpwind and Kang Sheng, Wang set did not respond positively, he just said, Phpwind up to now has been in PHPwind’s own way from 03 years, also is always adhere to the technical innovation as the guide, after and into Ali’s under the cooperation of resources devoted to the cross platform, cross product is the resource type products.

in his personal view, research and development of Phpwind and the biggest difference is that the former Kang Sheng has always insisted on a product, Phpwind can achieve a single core multi mode function, this product can build a forum, you can build a portal, you can build a SNS, and based on the core of the system products, completely can achieve a unified data, this is the product development idea is different from any other company.

he also said that after entering Ali, Phpwind product development route will be changed, from the beginning of 2009, Phpwind product development will focus in the network field, some resources will be docking Ali, the object of the product provides a number of electronic commerce enterprises, as well as Taobao’s satisfaction, community links, Amoy Amoy mall and so on.

analysts believe that with the opening of Baidu’s highly publicized platform, >

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