The new shopping mode imagine Taobao layout of the mobile shopping platform

March 10, 2017

iPad and Taobao is equal to what? For Ma, is nothing but a lucrative new tactics, and for the general public, perhaps is a new fashion lifestyle.

June 23rd, taobao.com also ushered in a new member of the Taobao iPad client, Symbian, Android and other system plus had already launched the Taobao mobile phone client, taobao.com has gradually realized the mobile terminal platform covering the whole shopping. This is also the implementation of Ma Big Ali strategy, Taobao mobile e-commerce layout another important initiative. The integration of the two brings not only a client, but also a blueprint for the future of e-commerce, depicting a rising fashion shopping trends and a new way of life.

has been the online shopping convenient and affordable and the store can be seen to have so many people struggling with, in the end the choice of where to buy? But in the near future, the knotty problems will be smoothly done or easily solved it all depends on the development, and mobile shopping platform mature line and offline shopping perfect fusion.

can imagine, in the largest local mall or pedestrian street, people love shopping businesses no longer ignore the only concentrate on selling chatter without stop, pick their favorite products, fancy love styles and colors, are in no hurry to immediately pay the payment. It took out his mobile phone or tablet computer, with built-in shopping search software scan product bar code, or directly enter the name of the product, you can search out the product online quotation and related information, after such a field visits and online parity, the heart for the quality of the product, the price level will understand. The process of goods than three home in one step, no longer as before for a product run broken leg. If you want to buy online, you can choose the right business according to the price of the search, buy orders at any time and place, even under the online purchase, you can also get guided by the rational consumption.

relatively speaking, this new way of shopping is more rational than the traditional shopping, more casual, more healthy than the online shopping, more assured. It is not difficult to see that a mature mobile shopping platform will complement each other is the two way of shopping, make our life more convenient, better enjoy shopping and shopping, and affect our shopping habits imperceptibly.

at present, mobile shopping platform, most of the domestic Jingdong, where the customer has just started, only a handful of shopping mall launched its own mobile phone client, but only for their own products, not the scope and practical significance. Taobao has launched a client, not only gradually achieve a multi system, multi terminal coverage, but also to seize the mobile shopping search opportunities. Even so, in the face of the emerging mobile shopping market, a NetEase’s search, a shopping search site also has begun to enter the mobile terminal shopping, trying to create a set of product search, comparison, purchase, exchange shopping as one of the good helper, to help consumers in the shopping process.

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